Word Revolution was founded as a result of an idea envisioned during bible study to actively support church plants, new ministries and missions around the world.


Revolution Annapolis, a church plant in its first year of operation at the time experienced first-hand the value of effective, cost efficient design, marketing, printing and advertising to saturate people with the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Word Revolution specializes in minimizing the cost of design, printing, advertising and marketing event planning, while making available products and services with the highest quality.




Barbara Carneiro

Barbara is passionate about design and she is a consistency freak. She loves languages, art, crafts, food and dance. Barbara is half portuguese, half brazilian but she has lived in too many cities and countries to count. She currently manages Word Revolution and leads the art team. She loves to travel and to explore world gastronomy with her husband and two children.


Roger Thompson

Roger has spent his working days as a sales consultant and entrepreneur. He has worked in fields varying from clothes, to home services, to cars. Currently attending MACU online seeking his degree in Christian Ministries. He has a passion for serving God as well as his brothers and sisters in Christ.


Meredith Camacho

Meredith is new to graphic design and is loving it! Most of her time is spent chasing around her two children. She's called both Maryland and South Carolina home at one point or another. Meredith is a Christian, wife, mother, reader, and lover of tattoos.


Harry Cole

Harry has over 18 years experience effectively managing organizations and projects. Harry led strategic efforts that helped position startups and small businesses for enormous growth and increased capacity to meet service needs.

Harry holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of District of Columbia.


has a degree in Sports Science and Human Motricity, but he soon found his passion for programming and opensource. He currently leads the programming team developing online applications, custom made scripts, mobile apps and content management system customization. Don't worry if you don't know the lingo. He does! He is very proud to be part of Word Revolution.


Bruno Carneiro

Bruno is a Civil Engineer. His passion for math, mechanics and geometry easily brought him into the world of HTML and CSS coding. Music is one of his favorite companionships. 


Matt Davis

Matthew graduated cum laude with degrees in computer simulations, and computer applications. Experienced in gaming, web design and various programming languages. Outgoing, friendly, and passionate about gadgets and anything high-tech. Interested in languages, Japanese art, exotic cuisine and gaming.

This is how we proclaim the Gospel.

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